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Coexistence, Cognizance, Conservation: Illustrated Manual for Magdalena River Tour Guides

is an editorial project sponsored by the Ministry of Commerce, Industry, and Tourism, led by its affiliated entity ProColombia, which compiles and presents a broad view of the Magdalena River, its people; its history; its social fabric; its trades; its festivals; and, overall, the flow of the river culture of its immense heritage in motion.

To this end, it includes:

  • A suggestive, memorable and easy to understand narrative style.
  • An infographic language that combines data, illustrations and blocks of text without compromising legibility.
  • Illustrations inspired by the watercolors of 19th century travelers that bring them up to date and let us experience them through a modern look and digital techniques.
  • Texts written with historical rigor, but in a pleasant and polyphonic prose that echoes the river.
  • Easily downloadable editorial content on this website.

COEXISTENCE, COGNIZANCE, CONSERVATION is based on the editorial guidelines of the collection to which the following also belong: Contemplation, Comprehension, Conservation: An Illustrated Manual for Nature Tourism Guides in Colombia y Cocreation, Connection, Conservation: An Illustrated Manual for Culture Tourism Guides in Colombia.

Like its predecessors, this project includes three formats for editorial content with complementary information:

  • A 300-page book in Spanish and English (available in digital and printed versions).
    -See Manual-
  • 50 audio podcasts of two types (interviews and informative). -See Audios-
  • 100 educational factsheets presenting the material culture of the Magdalena River.
    -See Factsheets-